In an exciting ‘first’, Bupa and University College London (UCL) have announced a new collaboration called the Global Institute for Digital Health Excellence (GLIDHE).

The project will combine Bupa’s global health expertise with UCL’s research capabilities to form solutions to the growing pressures on healthcare systems globally.

The project will act as a test bed for new innovations in sustainable digital health tools which help people look after their health.

It’s an intelligent partnership that allows Bupa to fund PhD and MSc students to carry out research that will have lasting – and scientifically ‘proven’ results.

Director of the UCL Centre for Behaviour Change Professor Susan Michie has said: “GLIDHE is an extremely exciting initiative in the field of behaviour change. The project’s digital initiatives will provide us with unprecedented scale and scope, not only to improve people’s health, but to learn what works and continually improve what we are offering.”

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